Twin Turbo 053
Relax / Requiem


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L.A. synaesthete PILO returns to the Twin Turbo fold with two moody, cerebral electro bombs. Taking his name from the chill-inducing pilomotor reflex, the sound designer/noise architect has earned play from names like Boys Noize, Jackmaster, Dave Clarke and Gesaffelstein, as well as Twin Turbo boss Tiga, who has gleefully called this release “a license to print gooseflesh.”

“Relax” explores the Dark Side of R&R, with a disembodied vocal commanding you to “tell your body it’s OK to relax.” If your body refuses to cooperate, get right up in its face and remind it that both of you take your marching orders from up-and-coming dance producers until a better idea presents itself. “Requiem” is perhaps the lowest-BPM track in Twin Turbo history; our archivist quit to pursue a career in telemarketing so there’s no way of knowing for sure. The macabre, dirge-like atmosphere calls to mind the Phantom of the Opera, but even cooler somehow. Both tracks reflect PILO’s stated interest in applying the principles of neuroscience to electronic music, and if you think you know any better you should probably get back to refining your Electric Dog Prison or whatever.