Twin Turbo 060
Cora Novoa


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With memories of foam fading ever faster from our minds, Twin Turbo is left to relearn the rawest essentials of contemporary dance music. To this end, we are prouder than any parent to present the latest from Barcelona artist Cora Novoa, an uncompromising release that by association cements our place as the smartest guys in your inbox. And we just love livin’ it up in there!

With killer releases on Vitalic’s Citizen, John Talabot’s Hivem Discs, and her own SEEKING THE VELVET label, Cora is someone we’ve yearned to work with for what feels like an eternity, and now your dream of seeing our dream come true is finally coming true. “Black Out” is probably the heaviest track to reach your apartment all year, while “Sun” is high-end peak time madness guaranteed to push your next Facebook Live set over the top.

Living under the straight-to-digital pressure is for the hardest labels. As we contemplate possible future business models such as selling white-label download codes in the sewer, we’re relieved to get in on the third floor with an obvious winner. And that’s the beauty of existing at the top of the Food Chain of Musical Discovery.: we throw what we find down onto the street for YOU to eat. We are Apex Nurturers. It is simply not in our nature to ask for anything but money in return.