Twin Turbo 024
Light Year


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LIGHT YEAR continues his evolution following releases on This is Music and Convex Industries with a huge EP for Twin Turbo.

Jordan ‘Lead Foot’ Feller (pronounced Fellah) has clearly learned new tricks since relocating to Europe, getting his head pounded in London’s warehouse parties, mastering the weight and heft of his kick drum, stripping things down to the tough essentials.

The title track does exactly what the name promises. It’s a big-room UK club pumper. If ‘Pumpt’ is the peak time party bomb, ‘Push On’ is what leads you through the after-hours, while ‘What to Do’ goes even deeper, begging the question, is there anything more to wring out of this night? YES.

All three tracks have a distinct sound, with punchy grooves built around short, soulful vocal samples. The festival-tested Aussie has successfully honed in on a new direction here without betraying his other nickname: ‘floor-filler-Feller.’