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Twin Turbo officially heralds the Second Age of Twin Turbo with this compilation of la creme de la best from the sub-label’s first two years of club-friendly existence.


In just over two years, the Turbo all-digital, DJ-overfriendly sub-label Twin Turbo has cut a heart-shaped swath through all the needless shame surrounding electronic dance music, consistently reaching further and further over the top to make your average festival bomb seem as quaint as your grandparents’ old-school Chicago warehouse lovemaking parties.


With a foam-cannon-chested roster that includes established party animal lovers like Tiga (as The Dove), Clouds, Zoo Brazil, Harvard Bass, Phil Kieran, and Gingy & Bordello, this compilation packs enough peak-time heat to have piqued the timely interest of heat-packing DJs like Erol Alkan, Crookers, Brodinski, Untold, and Jackmaster, not to mention down-to-earth sub-label owners like Tiga. If you play this comp from beginning to end at a house party, and one of those guys walks in, you are looking at some prime real estate in High-Five City, or at the very least Polite Nod Acres.


Twin Turbo – doublin’ down on the fun as we fly into the sun on waxless wings for years to come.