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After nine years, 60 releases, and 186 tracks, Twin Turbo is leaving this plane to claim its beautiful reward in the sky. This compilation of highlights from the past three years serves as a moving memorial to a what began as a way of monetizing our backlog of submissions, but soon evolved into a cultural force all of its own. Recently, Turbo Recordings CFO and Sublabel Czar Tiga shared his most guarded feelings on exactly what it is we think we’ve accomplished:

“When dancefloors needed to be filled, we were there. We created a home for the music that was missing the crucial 15% of personality that was required to be released on Turbo, but also had that extra 15% of boredom required for pure club DJ adoption, providing them with the excuse they needed to do that thing where it looks like they’re driving a giant Power Glove.”

“But now it all comes to a perfectly timed end,” he adds. “Because without a war, there is no need for ammunition. And with no need for ammunition, arms dealers are free to retire to their infinity pools, Cybertrucks, and ritual human sacrifice. So lay down your weapons, sweet soldiers. And know that your bangers were not in vain.”