Secrets to crypto success by Dimitri Veimar

Trading by day, techno by night. Russia’s Dimitri Veimar shares an insight into his 3 key rules when it comes to doing business. While you’re enhancing your chances of success with the coin, you can also check out ‘D.i.l.d’ in full premiere ahead of it’s release on Dimitri’s ‘Agung’ EP (vinyl & digital) this Friday.

Dimtri Veimar – “I’ve been doing my trader’s career since 2008 and I still have a bunch of things I have to learn.

My first rule is: For any kind of securities or cryptocurrencies no matter what you’re trading even if it’s Horse’s of Apocalypse shit, you have to stand for your money. That means follow your money management system first, it will allow you to stay in the game for a years. Risk management says – cut your loss and let your profit grow.

2nd – Never buy a falling share relying on hope that it will grow, sometimes it definitely will, but for a long term successful trading you have to buy securities when the price is growing. Even if the price is higher than before, that means someone is buying it, so you may be more confident in your position. It’s called – trend following strategy.

3rd – If you won’t give enough attention to the market you’re trading on, or you may think that it’s a hobby for an extra dollar, you may loose your house and your wife. Better to give your account to a manager. People waste more time to choose a car rather than choose a stock they’re willing to trade.
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Dimitri’s ‘Agung’ EP is out December 15th. Pre-order here.