Behind The Making Of ‘Crazy Dream’ with Steve Lawler

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UK heavyweight Steve Lawler made his long-awaited full Turbo debut this month with a lethal package led by title cut ‘Crazy Dream’. It came strapped with three standout remixes from label regulars Djs Pareja, Jori Hulkkonen and Charlotte de Witte (listen in full here). Catching up with the main man for a brief chat this week, he took us through the making of the record and his lengthy affinity for the label.

Great to have you here Steve! What’s going on in your world right now?

Traveling Travelling Travelling with some DJ sets thrown in. Always baffles me when I travel for 14 hours to get to a club to play 2 hours.. bring back marathon sets I say! 😏

The summer has started early this year it seems and already its a crazy schedule. Glad I take time off in the winter to be able to make these soundscapes for beautiful labels like yours ☺️

You’ve long had an affinity with the label’s output. When you think Turbo, what is the first thing that comes to your mind in relation to the music?

There’s a few, so ill give you them all 😉 Quality – forward thinking Electro – Acid House – Tiga

How has Steve Lawler changed since the day he heard his first Turbo record?

I have gotten older, wiser, & more ravishingly handsome 😝 no but seriously I feel life is full of lesson’s and I have learnt many both in the studio and in life in general. Im 42 now and I can tell you its not just wine that gets better with age.

If you could bring one thing back from that era, what would it be?

When you say “that” era, I’m guessing you mean the Acid House era? Well if it is it would be the actual LSD. It was waaaay batter back then 😉 as most drugs were

Take us back to the making of ‘Crazy Dream’, what was going on in your head when you put the track together?

I either go into the studio to make something specific that I have had on my mind (which can often lead to something completely different anyway) or I go in to simply have a fiddle around with something new I have purchased or been given. In this case it was the later, I just got my hands on my ‘doepfer dark time’ sequencer

Which take’s what you plough through it which you then control it hands on and it does some wonderful freaky shit. I set this up ran my Native Instruments Monark into it, played around with some big juicy knobs for a while and voila the bass was born, I Then built some simple drums around it with my go to drum machine the infamous 808 and then spent hours and this was the part where I started to question my career choice (any producer will tell you, you have great moments in the studio and you have long drawn out tiring moments in the studio) and that was this, I was going through loads of old records trying to find a vocal hook or something to latch the whole thing together. As the record was coming together it started to go more and more down the lines of turbo records. I started to feel I want to make something Tiga would spin, and if the heavens align be signed to turbo!

What has the reaction to the cut been like in your sets?

Its been huge, I always play it after a heavy 30 minutes of techno, so when this drops in with its gorgeous bass its really stands out and has its moment. Works perfectly like this.. there is a definite nod to the hay day of Tenaglia in New York in this record. It is a crazy dream

Can you describe the track to the Turbo community in five words?

Bass Heavy Electro Analogue Fetish

‘Crazy Dream’ is out now on Digital & 12″ Vinyl: TurboRec.lnk.to/crazydream