Whether you’re enjoying a private home listening experience or doing God’s work by mixing our tracks into others of a comparable BPM in front of people, Twin Turbo is here to guide you along the ascended path of music consumption mastery. This particular release marks an auspicious point in your personal evolution, provided you’ve been using the download codes we’ve provided for 3-D printable vitamins, as label favourites Shaded and Harvard Bass pool their unique energy signatures in a rare team-up. The collaboration sees the two California-bred collaborators collaborating with a rapper named “Rossirock”, whom they chose after rejecting every last member of Twin Turbo’s in-house stable of MCs, who it seems will continue to do office chores in exchange for the possibility of someday lending their unique lyrical perspectives to a fun and modern club track. More


Front Cover

Harvard Bass & Shaded make their return this January with a two track Twin Turbo EP titled ‘Time Wasting’. Remixes from Cassy & Kenny Glasgow. More