The Making Of: Hoshina Anniversary shares the secrets behind the production of his new ‘Phone Case EP’

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Hoshina Anniversary debuted on Turbo last week with a much lauded and opportunely named EP titled “Phone Case”. The release, showcasing once more the inimitable, funky lo-fi blend from the Japanese artist, has already picked up support from the likes of Len Faki, Richie Hawtin and Jennifer Cardini.  We took him up on the opportunity to take a look at the key production tools, which crafted the EP. All you need to know is right here…

1. Build Up Your House

I use the sounds of the Roland CR-8000, KORG MP-35, KORG KPR-77 etc. 1 or 2 years ago, I made the tracks called “Masala” & “DNA AND DAN NAD”, I think “Build Up Your House” is an extension of these tracks. At first I aimed to make this track as a “Build Up” track for my DJset, but after all, this track is not only “Build Up” but also every situation whenever you want “Your House”.

2. Phone Case

I’m so so happy to release this track on Turbo Recordings, Because this track is inspired by Tiga’s tweet about Phone Cases… “Just to be clear- phone cases are for losers.” When I saw this tweet, I couldn’t stop laughing (His tweets are always amazing!!), and I decided to make this track. This track may be homage to “L.A. STYLE – James Brown Is Dead” or “Mr. Oizo – Bruce Willis is dead”…lol, and I think this sound is very “Turbo” like “The Dove – Girl at a Party with Siren (TT001)”.
Of course this Bongo Sound (Roland CR-8000) is my favorite sound, I used it often in the past, like when I made my track “Can’t Hide Your Love” etc.

3. Broken Mo

I made this track in September 2014. At that time, I often listened to L.I.E.S. releases, especially loved Randomer’s track “Huh”. So this track is inspired by him, but I think it’s also inspired by 70’s or 80’s Jazz/Fusion sound. When I was a student, I played the bass. I often played Jazz/Fusion tracks like John Scofield, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock & Scott Henderson etc. So it may be sounds like “John Scofield – Trim” or Herbie Hancock’s album “Mr.Hands” or something. Anyway I hope it fits your DJsets and you enjoy this track.

4. All You Need Is ‘Good’

Main Theme of this track is “Crisis of SNS”. It looks like many people always want ‘Good’ or ‘Like’ from others on Facebook, Instagram & twitter etc…
Yeah, it’s some irony… maybe because I listened Donald Fagen or The Police many times…hahaha. Of course this title is the parody of “The Beatles – All You Need Is Love”. Lyrics goes on like below… so it’s about “You care too much about what other people think about you”.
Me? …hahaha,
All you need is ‘Good’, All I need is ‘Bad’, I call it your jealousy, far from humanity
you talk like “soccer player wears kimono. it’s wonderful, it’s amazing.”
I talk liike “soccer player gets a goal. more intense, I roar roar”

5. Route 60

This track is like Funky or latin… Comeme sound or somethin’ like that.
For me, it’s inspired by “Eugene McDaniels – The Lord Is Back”… 70’s funky, amazing track, love this track’s drum sound by Alphonse Mouzon.
I think this string sound is inspired by “Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions”.
He used the string sound… when you use the chord Cm9, you use D & Eb… very cool sound. But this time, I used it like Hitchcock’s 60’s movies soundtrack.
Ah I wanna say, all the voices of these 5 tracks are by me (except “Phone Case” is by ‘AUSpeek3’ plugin).

Hoshina Anniversary – Phone Case EP is out now.

Stream/Purchase : https://turborec.lnk.to/PhoneCaseEP