Tiga LIVE tour 2015

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In Tiga’s words:

It’s time.

For as long as I can remember – which is forever – I’ve been a DJ. But it’s just not enough anymore. i have performed for thousands, but have i ever truly held anyone’s gaze as I sang straight into their eyes? What lies beyond this vulgar, headphone-shaped prison? Can I move the hearts of millions without facing myself first? Will I ever truly own my own madness?

This summer, grab a front-row seat as these questions become answers. Join me at 7 select festivals over the European summer as I embrace all the flawed glory of a perfect past and explore a future 2 unlimited not to share with EVERYONE. Time means nothing to me now. There is no media. There are no masses. There is only you, me, my voice, my moves, and a love supreme.

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