TIGA: The Adventure of Billy Turner

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Last march, in miami, during conference week i was playing the Get Lost party and i bumped into Skream and he asked me if i knew who Billy Turner was.
said he was an incredible new techno producer.
i said no.
an hour later, while getting ready to play after Kenny Glasgow, Kenny turned to me, pointed to the CDJ and asked me if i knew who Billy Turner was.
of course, i lied and said yes.

thus began my adventure with Billy Turner, the mysterious, young, exciting, prolific techno producer from London. Over those next 10 months, Turbo HQ would listen to an arsenal of finely crafted techno traxx, gradually and subtly honing a “turbo” sound, a group of our favorrite 4 tracks.

im very proud to announce our new signing, Billy Turner, and his debut EP for Turbo Recordings: his modern take on the classic techno sound


Billy Turner’s ‘Nocturnal Subconscious’ EP is out now on Twin Turbo (digital only). Buy here.