Turbo Mix Session 002: Randomer

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Is it true that you picked the name Randomer by trying to come up with a very random name for your music like Junction but thought “i need something Randomer“?

Junction? Come on guys, you can be randomer.

Some of your earlier releases were set fairly solidly in the Drum & Bass genre on www.beatport.com, and we see you tweeting about your love of early Jungle and Drum & Bass every so often… What made you want to slow it down to a more considerate tempo?

I ran out of ideas

Your next release will be part of the Turbo Warehouse series. Have you ever been inside a warehouse on a non music related trip? If so, why?

I used to work in a beer factory when I was in Leeds, shifting kegs around. They actually searched you every time you left to make sure you didn’t steal anything

You remixed our hit track ‘Consciousness’ for us and it was great, thank you for doing that! Speaking of remixing and consciousness; when remixing, how conscious are you of the original track? Do you like the keep it quite similar or just take it to the cleaners?

I usually borrow my parents’ cat and he explores the midi keyboard for a bit

You’ve done a bunch of releases on different record labels including Hemlock, Numbers, Hessle Audio and now Turbo. Most people would settle for any one of these, but you decided to start releasing your own stuff. Can you tell us a bit about that?

A lot of the UK labels I’ve worked with are extended musical family really. I put out an EP myself with a few tracks that I wanted to release as a learning experience to see how it works. Also the tracks on that EP a lot of people had been asking about so I wanted to make sure they could get their hands on em

On an unrelated note, from two producers to another, do any girls go to your shows? None come to ours, so we figured while we have the chance we should ask a fellow artist.

If anything there’s too many girls at my shows. It’s like Beatlemania but with more screaming

If any girls did happen to accidentally stumble across one of your shows, what would they be hearing? Who’s killing it right now? What are your go to tracks at the moment?

Raw music with no bullshit and no breakdowns

Erm….Edward Snowden?

My favourite go-to track is Rob Stow – Slate

What’s the best meal you’ve had whilst playing in another city?

Pretty much every single time I eat steak.

We like to keep our rider simple… Some drinks, a bit of chocolate and a local virgin. What’s on your rider?

One bucket of tar, one of feathers, a potato peeler and a butcher’s bin.

What’s next for Randomer?

Another single coming out after the summer on a label I have released with before. That’s all I can say right now 🙁 But you’ll love it.

I bid you good night.