Turbo Mix Sessions 003: joeFarr

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joeFarr ushers in the next instalment of the Turbo Mix Sessions, along with an interview of the brutish Bristolian by London’s J. Tijn


Who is Big Jeff?

He’s a legend where I am from, an MC, an architect and planner of all things, he’s not actually that big though.

What made you name a track after him?

I was working with him around the time i was working on that EP, also with my brother in law (Uncle B). They were wild times up in the north and I wanted to mark that experience.

I was stalking your Facebook just now (for this, honest) and there’s a few of pics of hardware and stuff, which is nice. But what we all actually want to know is: m8 do u even compress?

Not as much as you. And besides, I saturate. I only use compression lightly as I have usually distorted and overdriven most elements in the track. I think software compressors are a bit flimsy, well the ones I have anyway, so I’m on the lookout for a FMR compressor.

It’s fair to say that some of your music is quite ruthless. Often though, I hear elements of jazz/funk/soul in the notation. Is that something you would agree with? Do you have any background in that kind of stuff or, am I just deaf?

Yeah I like a bit of melody and chords. I sometimes let the track steer me and sometimes that ends up with melodic elements. I think there is a bit of trance kicking about there too, left over from my hard house days all those years ago. I used to go out to funk nights and my dad is well into his jazz so that has definitely had an influence on me as well. The sounds of the drums from 60’s and 70’s funk and soul always have such groove. I usually have a few drum samples from that era in my productions.

What can we expect to hear/see from you in the coming months?

I have a bunch of remixes that should be surfacing soon, a release with Hypercolour, DSNT, and of course, another on Turbo around October. My dance classes are paying off now so you can expect to see some sweet moves in my next music video.

Would you be up for starting this interview all over again, but on video and in a bath?

Only if you run it for me, and think of some decent questions.