Twin Turbo debutant Billy Turner on his break out ahead of ‘Nocturnal Subconscious’ release [Interview]

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23 year old British producer Billy Turner follows up the likes of Vakkuum, Carlo Lio, Dense & Pika and Hoshina Anniversary with an outing on the Twin Turbo imprint. The rising talent, who has garnered the support of countless titans recently (including Skream, Laurent Garnier, Kenny Glasgow and Tiga himself), turns in a spicy four tracker for the occasion. The EP, titled ‘Nocturnal Subconscious’, drops November 24th. Ahead of its release Turner took five to talk us through what has been an incredible rise since first bursting onto the scene in 2016.

Turbo: Billy, great to have you here!

Thanks! It’s an honour to be a part of this great label.

Turbo: The ‘Nocturnal Subconscious’ EP is your debut on Twin Turbo. Can you take us behind the concept of the release?

‘Nocturnal’ means being active at night & ‘Subconscious’ is the part of the mind you’re not fully aware of but it influences your actions or feelings. I have really vivid dreams most nights & feel like they somehow find their way into my music.. Each track in this EP was completed the same day it was started, so there was no time for over thinking. I record a live take for my tracks, so the result is almost exactly what came out on the day!

Turbo: Production-wise, what are some of the key tools that were used in the process of crafting the four tracks?

Maschine Studio, some basic processing/fx plug ins & any samples that I can find to mould into something fresh. I also used the Arturia Minibrute on ‘Break Through’.

Turbo: It’s been a whirlwind journey for you over the last couple of years. Can you share with us some of the standout moments along the way?

In August 2015, I met Alex from Dense & Pika on a plane to Ibiza. Me and my brother were going to Paradise at DC10 for 1 night, and Alex was late for his set. He let us come through the artist entrance with him, which allowed us the opportunity to meet a few djs.. It was the night I got Skream’s email, which I probably wouldn’t have gotten had I not blagged my way into the booth!

In February 2016 I sent Skream a track for the first time, which he loved. He played it in Brighton the same night and I was there to experience one of my tracks getting played out for the first time!

Then, in July 2016, again at Paradise DC10, I gave Kenny Glasgow a USB stick with tracks on.. He played 3 of them on the terrace an hour later to a packed crowd. I couldn’t believe what was happening! We’ve kept in contact since, and he also made the link between me & Tiga among others.

Turbo: Mixmag recently named you among 6 standout artists to look out for in October. What did you find most challenging about getting to this point in your career?

Getting my music heard has been the hardest part. I didn’t have any connections when I started which made it hard to get the right people to hear it. It’s also satisfying to know that I am where I am due to my music & not because I knew someone beforehand.

Turbo: What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to a budding producer trying to break out?

Be patient & trust your instincts. Also, don’t just sign your music with anybody because it’s offered.

Turbo: When did your relationship with electronic music and production first begin?

I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember, all genres, just sounds in general.. I used to make up songs & play guitar & drums as a kid, but electronic production didn’t come until early 2014 & i’ve been developing my sound religiously ever since.

Turbo: As we head towards the tail end of 2017, what would make the ideal finish to the year?

Getting more good feedback & support on my music from the artists I admire would be a great end to the year for me!

Turbo: If you could have an extra 4 hours in the day, what would you spend it doing?

Catching up on sleep!

Turbo: What else can we expect from Billy Turner in the coming months?

I’m playing in Newcastle at Digital alongside Dense & Pika and Phil Kieran on November 10th. Also I have a 4 track collab EP ‘Chronicles’ coming out with Skream on his label ‘Of Unsound Mind’ in December, which includes my remix of his track ‘Settled’. After that I have another release on Dense & Pika’s label ‘Kneaded Pains’ early next year. I have more cool stuff in the pipeline too so follow me to keep an eye out!

Pre-order ‘Nocturnal Subconscious’ EP here.