Turbo Studio Sessions Vol. 1.1
Zombie Nation & The System 700

Release Date:

Thomas Von Party, Zombie Nation

Turbo blows the mysteries of high-end studio production wide open with the first installment of its new Studio Sessions video series, featuring Munich superproducer Zombie Nation.

Music. Production. The creative process. These are the enigmas that eat away at our soul. Who are we not to tear away at that curtain, to not be generous with our wealth of artist access and shockingly expensive cameras? Turbo Studio Sessions will offer an inside look at some of the most exciting talents in the Turbo family, inviting artists to spend some time working in our cutting-edge analog studio in Montreal, with a focus on hardware, production techniques, muso-psychology, and the agonizing ecstasy of electronic music production.

The first episode of Turbo Studio Sessions features one of our favorite producers, Zombie Nation, in anticipation of his forthcoming full-length for the label. In Part One, the studio savant is introduced to his new Roland System-700 synthesizer. In Part Two, he jams on radio jazz samples in real time on the OP-1, and politely answers probing questions about his career and craft. While this first installment serves as more of a visual introduction to the series, future episodes will get down in the grit of documenting the production of records from start to finish.

So turn down the lights, sit back with your favourite mobile device, and listen to the sound of our vibe.