Zombie Nation
Attic Sundays

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Zombie Nation

Turbo Recordings is proud to present the first single off the upcoming LP from Munich superproducer Zombie Nation.

We are beyond excited to present the latest release from one of our favorite artists, ZZT co-chairman Zombie Nation. These four amazing tracks offer a taste of his forthcoming full-length for Turbo (due at the end of the year), while demonstrating his eccentric studio genius and unique hitmaking sensibility.

“Meathead” starts things off in big-room banger mode, before segueing into a carnivalesque breakdown, with moody synths that acknowledge that all feasts – culinary, erotic or otherwise – must come to an end. “Attic Sundays” is analog snake charmer magic, bouncing cavernous sonar bass off every wall of the Bavarian Pyramids. “Blueberries” blends high-NRG synths with intricate clockwerk rhythms, redefining the landscape of acceptable peak-time geography. Finally, “Schoove” offers a full scholarship to Groove School, wedding a mangled vocal hook to alternately classy and grimy Kraut-Hop.

Today’s dance scene has become a little too vegan-friendly for our liking. With this EP, Turbo provides a much-needed hot beef injection to the proceedings.

video by David Shaw, Whitecolours Studio, MTL. italodisco@gmail.com