Partys Over Los Angeles

Release Date:

Tiga, Zombie Nation, ZZT

The video for the lead single off ZZT’s debut album takes us into the sordid world of Automobile Fighting, where the semi-sentient ZZTmobile makes its last stand against injustice in Quebec.

Watching the video again, we probably should have checked to see if the driver was still in the car before it got compacted. Either way, he got his 80 bucks.

In Camera Production
Director: Qarim Brown
Producer: Michael Kogan
Art Director: Pawel Karwowski
DP: JS Francoeur
Editor: Marka Rankovic
Color: Monsieur J
Cameras: Qarim Brown, JS Francoeur, Pawel Karwowski, Thomas Von Party, Evren Boisjoli
Stunt driver: Karine LaRocque
Chief mechanic: Leo Boutin
Special thanks to: Denis Dionne, Super Derby Demolition Cookshire, and MD Meteaux